Beginning of the Final Phase of the KPC campaign

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Begining of the Final Phase of the KPC campaign

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Begining of the Final Phase of the KPC campaign

The Digicel Foundation begins the final phase of its  "Konbit pou Chanjman" campaign




Monday January 15, 2018 - Port-au-Prince, Haiti: In March 2017, the Digicel Foundation celebrated its tenth anniversary and used the occasion to launch “Konbit Pou Chanjman” (Come Together for Change), a campaign to reinforce its commitment to promote sustainable community development throughout the country. The goal of this initiative is to support ten (10) organizations in the amount of $10,000 US dollars, each to implement a community project in all 10 departments of the country. Organizations that seek to develop projects in their communities were invited to submit a grant application in the following areas: education, access, culture, inclusion, livelyhood, and natural disaster prevention.

In June 2017, out of 300 applications received, 63 were chosen to advance to phase two. By the end of 2017, members of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, with the support of company employees, visited the project sites, which are located across all ten departments of the country, to evaluate the impact of these projects on their communities.

Now in the last phase, 22 projects have been selected for the grand finale that will take place in March 2018. A jury will select 10 organizations to benefit from the 10,000 US dollars.

“We are delighted with all these projects, which have been submitted by the candidate organizations with so much care and determination. This shows the will of the Haitian people to contribute to the development of their country. We congratulate the finalists and wish great success to everyone.  We can't wait to accompany the 10 organizations in the implementation and realization of their projects,” stated Mrs. Sophia Stransky, Non-Executive Direction of the Digicel Foundation.

The organizations selected for the last phase are:

  • Ministère d’une Nouvelle Espérance pour le Développement Intégral en Haiti – Département de l’Artibonite
  • Centre Communautaire pour le Développement Intégré de Gros-Morne – Département de l’Artibonite
  • Action Communautaire pour l’Education autour du Lac de Péligre – Département du Centre
  • Coopération des Jeunes Haïtiens pour le Développement Socioéconomique – Département du Centre
  • Organisation pour le Rehaussement de la Commune des Roseaux – Département de la Grand’Anse
  • Groupe Soleil Jeunesse – Département de la Grand’Anse
  • Paillant en Voie de Développement – Département des Nippes
  • Haiti Terre de Rêve – Département des Nippes
  • Centre de Formation pour l’Entraide et le Développement  Communautaire – Département du Nord
  • Centre d'Assistance Technique et de Renforcement de Capacité Institutionnelle – Département du Nord
  • Organisation des Peuples Œuvrant pour le Développement du Nord-Est – Département du Nord-Est
  • Congrégation des Petits Frères de Ste-Thérèse/Fraternité Laguamithe – Département du Nord-Est
  • Asosyasyon Peyizan Jasmin – Département du Nord-Ouest
  • Comité de Bassin Versant de Rivière Moustique pour une Exploitation Durable – Département du Nord-Ouest
  • Les Ministères du Chœur en Ligne / Heartline Ministries – Département de l’Ouest 
  • Initiative des Fermiers Organisés pour le Développement Durable (IFOSUD) – Département de l’Ouest 
  • Haiti Adolescent Girls Network – Département de l’Ouest 
  • YWCA-Haiti – Département de l’Ouest 
  • Mouvement Progressistes Port-Salutain – Département du Sud 
  • Association des Jeunes Penseurs pour l'Evolution – Département du Sud 
  • Echo des Jeunes Tuff pour l’Avancement de la Vallée – Département du Sud-Est 
  • Kòdinasyon Pou Devlopman Pèch Ak Agrikilti Nan Awondisman Bèlans – Département du Sud-Est

About the Digicel Foundation

Launched in March 2007 in Thomazeau, the Digicel Haïti Foundation is a non-profit organization who choose education as its priority sector. Through this program and its various partnerships, more than 60,000 students attends schools built by the Digicel Foundation throughout Haïti every day.

The Foundation is managed by a Board of Directors of 9 members. For more information about the Digicel Foundation, please visit our website:, Digicel's Facebook page: DigicelHaiti, its Instagram page: digicelhtpap or its twitter account: DigicelHT.

Beginning of the Final Phase of the KPC campaign