St Michel du Sud National School, Nippes Department

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St Michel du Sud National School, Nippes Department

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St Michel du Sud National School, Nippes Department







Name of school: St Michel du Sud National School


Address: 4 Miragoane Rte Ntle # 2, Nippes Department


Date the school was built: 1985


Name of the director: Ineres D├ęsir


Total number of teachers: 9


Total number of Students: 340






Vision School

To ensure the students in the area can advance and serve their community and that the school can continue to increase its capacity and in turn serve more students.


Mission School

The school's mission is to enable people to help the country and the community through education, focusing on young people.


History of School:

The school was founded under the government of President Michel Boyer in 1943. It began at the local Catholic Church. The school itself was built in 1985 by the World Bank and fully renovated and furnished by the DIGICEL Foundation in 2008.


About the School:

St Michel is a national school working with the authorization of the Ministry of Education. 340 school pupils are enrolled: 185 boys and 180 girls. The school provides 6 grades of education; teaching Math, French, Creole, and Social Science Experiment ales. The school encourages the practice of many sports such as volleyball, football and basketball. Each year the school committee organizes a carnival for parents of the school students.


The school committee is composed of 5 persons: a teacher, a member of the community and the notables of the city. Their role includes organizing meetings, signing contracts and projects, undertaking important steps and monitoring the smooth running of the school.


The parents committee is made up of 6 parents and its role is:

a. Work with the director to improve the quality of education and infrastructure.

b. Organize cultural activities in the school purely for the students.

v. Motivate the community in which the school is located.

d. Participate in all activities aimed at improving school/community relations.

e. Receive reports of the school council.

f. Educate parents about their responsibilities towards the education of their children.

g. Help the community to receive an essential upgrading of Haitian culture.


Partners of the School:

In 2007, The Foundation DIGICEL rebuilt the Primary School. In 2008 the foundation financially supported teachers and their training as well as supplying books and teaching materials



St Michel du Sud National School, Nippes Department