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Afeisha’s Home For The Aged Receives Unforgettable Christmas Cheer!


SATURDAY 30TH DECEMBER, 2023: PORT OF SPAIN, TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO –Afeisha’s Home for the Aged and its 13 residents received a memorable start to their Christmas Holidays as they welcomed TT$10,000 worth of much needed items courtesy a Digicel Foundation Mobile Telesales Team on Christmas Eve.

Dinique Tittle, Seraiah Hills, Cadejah Romany and Kathy Ann Richardson used their TT$10,000 winnings from this year’s Digicel Foundation Christmas Treasure Hunt to purchase 2 wheelchairs, a five-burner stove, major nonperishable food items, toiletries and personal care items for the Home.

“I have been praying for a stove…the one we have right now really needed replacing” commented Afeisha Spencer – Mohammed, owner and caretaker of the home. Full of gratitude, Ms. Specer-Mohammed praised the Digicel Mobile Telesales team, “they are God sent – and this is just in time for Christmas!”

The ladies, who also brought fruit bowls and snack plates, were warmly welcomed by the home and spent the evening with the lovely residents and their invaluable stories, making their day more than a memory!

“To imagine this was just a scavenger hunt we entered at work to have fun, but it mushroomed into this wonderful opportunity to give back to this home. We’re happy to give up a few hours of our Christmas eve to share some love,” commented the Telesales team member.

This year, the Digicel Foundation launched its annual Christmas campaign with a staff treasure hunt, adding a fun competitive element to their usual spirit of giving. Digicel Foundation staff teams registered to participate in their Christmas treasure hunt held on 1st December to win the ultimate prize of a TT$10,000 community grant.

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