EPIC Grants 2023 FAQs

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EPIC Grants 2023 - FAQs


1.     Can anyone apply for an EPIC grant?

No.  Only registered non-profit organisations can apply, which includes community-based groups, faith-based organisations and public schools.


2.     Can I use the EPIC funding to pay a small stipend?

No.  EPIC funding must only be used towards the tangibles of the project.  EPIC funding cannot be used to pay salaries, stipends, utility bills or any other recurring cost.  


3.     What if my project costs more than the grant?

The EPIC Grant is valued at TT$100,000.00 each. You are required to complete the project within the budget. However, you can solicit the support of other donors to assist in funding your project.


4.     Can I apply now even though my project begins next year?

No. The project must begin immediately after the grant is given and must be completed within 12-16 weeks.


5.     Can my project go beyond the 12 to 16 weeks period?

If your project is to extend past the 12-16 week timeframe, we expect that you immediately indicate the reason for the extension and provide a revised timeline for completion. Your request for an extension then has to be approved by the Foundation in collaboration with Shell Trinidad and Tobago.


6.     Do we need to have a bank account?

Yes. The organisation must have an active bank account in its name since the grant is disbursed via electronic transfer.


7.     Do I have to provide receipts, pictures etc.?

Yes. There are strict reporting guidelines that include two (2) written status reports and two (2) financial reports. Supporting receipts, photos and quotations must be attached. The Project Lead will review these and if additional information is required, you will be informed. All reports are vetted and signed off by joint funders – Digicel Foundation and Shell Trinidad and Tobago. If the report is incomplete, you will be notified and allowed the opportunity to re-submit it. N.B. Reports must be approved before any subsequent disbursements are issued.


8.     Does my organisation need to present an up to date Annual Return?

Yes. An application is incomplete without the submission of its most current Annual Return and the organisation’s project will not be considered for funding.


9.     What if I have a great project outside of the scope of: Agriculture, Renewable Energy or Environment, will that be considered?

No. This edition of EPIC will ONLY focus on those three (3) areas of concern.


EPIC Grants 2023 FAQs