Community Grants

You may apply for funding for community-based projects here. You may also download the form and send your application to:

Digicel Foundation

Kennedy Road, Gordons

PO Box 1618

Port Moresby, NCD

Papua New Guinea


Please review the funding guidelines fully before submitting your application.

In order for your organisation to be considered for a project, all sections of your application must be fully completed. Incomplete forms will not be reviewed.

Good corporate citizenship is a critical element of Digicel’s company charter

The Patron of Digicel Foundation and Chairman of Digicel Group, Denis O’Brien, believes that where Digicel as a business grows, its communities must grow too. The establishment of the Digicel Foundation’s in Jamaica (2004), Haiti (2006), Papua New Guinea (2008) and Trinidad & Tobago (2013) is in that spirit.

Each Foundation is headed by a country CEO who leads a team of people implementing projects and programs to achieve a united mission – creating a world where not one gets left behind.

Our Funding Focus

We prioritise funding for projects and programs which are in line with our goals.

60% of our annual budget is spent on education and health projects to address the challenge of access to education and health infrastructure in rural, remote and socially marginalised communities.

  • The projects we fund are:
  • Primary School double classrooms
  • Elementary School double classrooms
  • Rural Health Aid Posts
  • Mobile Health Clinics (Ambulances)

20% of our annual budget is spent on community building programs to address community empowerment and capacity building. We are particularly interested in community programs which:

  • Embrace and reflect the education, social and cultural aspirations of the community
  • Address community needs
  • Encourage volunteerism and civic engagement
  • Promote leadership and integrity
  • Promote opportunities for marginalised groups
  • Have tangible products and sustainability as critical objectives of the program

Basic eligibility criteria for program funding:

  • Organisations must be not for profit and have all statutory documentation in place eg: IPA certification, constitution, tax identification number etc.
  • Organisations must serve the majority of people in their respective communities
  • Organisations must have and display the leadership, financial management, experiences, expertise and capacity to effectively carry out the proposed program activities
  • Program proposals must support Digicel Foundation goals
  • Program proposals must support all required information and documents

Funding Limitations

In order to engender community ownership and participation, the Foundation may place pre-determined limits, as a percentage of total costs, on funding to specific kinds of projects. That is, specific projects may be assisted with varying levels of assistance, relative to what must be invested by the community. This investment may take the form of finance, capital or “sweat equity” in the form of labour.

In general, Digicel Foundation does not provide funding for the following:

  • Individuals;
  • Organizations and programs designed to influence legislation or elected officials to public offices;
  • Sectarian or religious organizations whose services are limited to members of one religious group;
  • Religious programs;
  • Endowment funds, development campaigns, or funds directed towards deficit reduction or operating reserves;
  • Fundraising events or sponsorships (walk/runs, golf tournaments, sports teams, tickets, tables, benefits, raffles, souvenir programmes, advertising, fundraising dinners etc.);
  • Trips, conferences, seminars, festivals, one day events (unless they are a part of an approved program activity);
  • Documentaries, videos or research projects/programs;
  • Private Foundations;
  • Trust Funds; and
  • Organizations that channel the funds received to third parties.

How to Apply for Project/Program Funding

  1. Obtain the appropriate funding application form for your request. You can download forms from our website or request for forms by emailing Hard Copies with requisite signatures should be sent in support of on-line applications.  
  2. Fully complete the funding application form by answering all the questions
  3. Provide all support documentation required and attach it to the application form
  4. Once you have completed the application form and attached all support documentation, you must submit your application to Digicel PNG Foundation
  5. If you are in Port Moresby, hand deliver your application to the Digicel PNG Foundation office at Kennedy Road, Gordons
  6. If you are outside Port Moresby you can either:
  • Mail your application to Digicel PNG Foundation, PO Box 1618, Port Moresby, NCD or;
  • Email: or;
  • Deliver to the nearest Digicel Regional/Provincial Office – they will scan the documents and email to our office in POM

The Application Screening Process

Project Applications

  • After you have completed and submitted the funding application, you will receive an e-mail or phone call notifying you that your application has been received.
  • Project application forms are given a project registration number
  • Applications are selected depending on targets and operational plan for that financial year
  • If your application meets the above, then the designated Project Manager will contact the person responsible to conduct an initial project assessment which requires a physical project site visit
  • Following the initial assessment, the Project Manager then puts together a submission for your application to be presented to the Digicel PNG Foundation Board.
  • In the Board Meeting the submission is presented to the Board Directors and they cast votes as to whether or not the project should be funded. Projects must receive 70% or more of Board Members votes to be funded
  • Following the results of the Board’s votes, the Project Manager will contact your school/health centre to advise on the outcome of your application
  • This whole process may take up to 3 months or longer to complete

Programme Applications

  • After you have completed and submitted your program proposal, you will receive an e-mail or phone call notifying you that your proposal has been received
  • Your organisation will be contacted via e-mail, telephone or post if additional information or follow up is required
  • Proposals are selected depending on targets and operational plan for that financial year
  • If your proposal meets the above, then the designated Program Manager will conduct a Whole Organisation Assessment (WOA) to determine whether your organisation has the capacity to deliver the program
  • Following the initial assessment, the Program Manager then puts together a presentation to the Digicel PNG Foundation Board and they cast votes as to whether or not the partner should be engaged
  • A final decision will generally be made within six (6) months and the submitting organisation will be contacted with the final decision

Should you require any further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us on 7222 2601 or email

Community Grants