Vision | Mission | Statement

We are on a permanent mission to help build PNG

Our Vision:

A nation where there is equal access to opportunities so that no one is left behind


Our Goal:

A connected, educated, safe and health PNG


Our Mission:

In partnership with others, we deliver vital infrastructure and social programs to connect Papua New Guineans and their communities to opportunities for sustainable development

Our Strategic Plan 2019-2022

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1. Improve the lives of people in remote communities through quality health and education programs

  • 1.1 Deliver quality education programs and projects in partnership with stakeholders to improve literacy and numeracy levels of students from early childhood through to High School.
  • 1.2 Work in partnership with government and stakeholders to deliver health infrastructure and programs to improve primary health care outcomes.

2. Strengthen innovative partnerships and communications for change

  • 2.1 Identify and strengthen our funding partnerships with government, private sector and local organizations to deliver joint programs and projects.
  • 2.2 Invest in our people and retain our culture and values.
  • 2.3 Strengthen local organizations and citizens led action on the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • 2.4 Ensuring Digicel Foundation is recognized as a leading philanthropic organization.

3. Build a smart and sustainable organization

  • 3.1 Strengthen and deliver exceptional finance, governance and compliance policies aligned to the organizations mission.
  • 3.2 Integrate research, monitoring and evaluation into all work to support our evidence base.



The last financial year saw us venture into our second double-storey double classroom in Port Moresby for a Secondary School and in Lae, Morobe Provice, while maintaining momentum in achieving our targets in on-going areas of health and education infrastructure projects. To date, we have completed 577 projects, and these include:

  • 189 primary school double classroom
  • 135 elementary school double classroom            
  • 2 two-storey double classroom
  • 1 inclusive education classroom
  • 33 libraries
  • 66 community learning centers
  • 43 mobile health clinics (Ambulances)
  • 12 rural Health Aid Posts
  • 3 women’s resource centers
  • 1 mess & kitchen facility
  • 1 WAVES initiative
  • Co-funded 5 family support centers in partnership with UNICEF and National Department of Health



Our Recipients:

  • 35,111 people treated with the help of air ambulances through our partnership with Samaritan Aviation
  • 1,169 optical health beneficiaries through our partnership with The Fred Hollows Foundation
  • 243 home care-givers trained as physiotherapists through our partnership with the Cheshire disability Services
  • 20 health workers trained through our partnership with Samaritan Aviation
  • 347 community-based teachers trained
  • 32 new teachers upgraded through FODE
  • 95 men of honour award recipients through our Men of Honour Campaign program


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Vision and Mission