Foundation CEO honours her father with new Men of Honour category

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Foundation CEO honours her father with new Men of Honour category

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Foundation CEO honours her father with new Men of Honour category

Thursday 2nd June, 2016– Port Moresby || Digicel PNG Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer, Beatrice Mahuru, has announced two new categories for the Men of Honour Awards. 


The new categories are  The Allen Mahuru Posthumous Service Award, and the Young Man of Honour Award.


Having attributed much of her success and standards to her late father, Allen Mahuru, of Vabukori Village in NCD, Ms. Mahuru said the Posthumous Service award was named after him to remember such honourable men who have passed on while leaving a legacy behind for generations to follow.


Rahe Rau, a respected community leader in Vabukori Village and cousin to the Late. Mr. Mahuru, described him as a man who upheld high standards and values and led by example, influencing many after him who have matured to become providers, protectors, leaders, and mentors themselves in the community.


With tears in his eyes Mr. Rau recalled how he was taken care of by Mr. Mahuru who took the role of a big brother and Father to him and his sibling when their Father retired.


Also attesting to Mahuru’s honourable deeds was Rabura Aiga, who said Mr. Mahuru was a man of integrity, never backing down to others who tested his values.


“He was a man of non-violence but his words always had authority. It was also hard for others to argue with him because he always displayed what he said with high values and standards,” Mr. Aiga said.


Both Mr. Rau and Mr. Aiga say that the late Mr. Mahuru’s traits are shown in his three children, particularly Beatrice, a young Papua New Guinean Female Chief Executive Officer of Digicel PNG Foundation an extraordinary organization dedicated to the development of Papua New Guinea.


Ms. Mahuru currently leads a full team of Papua New Guineans to achieve their five key objectives: providing access to basic education and basic health services, building communities to become self-reliant through program investments, addressing violence and services for people with special needs.


Meanwhile the Young Man of Honour Category will be to award youth champions who take the initiative, sacrificing time and energy for others to make a difference in the wider community. Nominees of this category must be aged between 16 and 25.


The Men of Honour Awards now has a total of seven categories with the other categories being Community Ingenuity, Community Leadership, Community Entrepreneur, Community Education Champion, and Sporting Mentor.


Nominations close on 30 November, 2016 and application forms can be acquired from Digicel Retail outlets. Electronic copies of the form can be obtained from the Digicel PNG Foundation Website, the Digicel PNG Foundation Facebook Page or enquire with the Digicel PNG Foundation Office on 72222601 or digicelpngfoundation@digicelgroupcom.


To date Digicel PNG Foundation has funded 462 classrooms, 21 Mobile Health Clinics, 3 rural Health Aid Posts, 3 Women’s Resource Centres, co-funded 5 Family Support Centres in partnership with UNICEF and NDoH, graduated 261 grassroots with basic business skills. 800 people with special needs, their families and communities have been impacted by the Community Based Rehabilitation Program; and the Men of Honour Awards – a campaign against violence in PNG, is the latest to the Foundation’s development portfolio.


Established in October 2008, Digicel PNG Foundation has directly invested K50 million in PNG’s rural, remote and marginalized communities across all 22 provinces directly impacting over 500,000 people.

Foundation CEO honours her father with new Men of Honour category