Financial Year 2014/2015 Annual Report Launch

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Financial Year 2014/2015 Annual Report Launch

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Financial Year 2014/2015 Annual Report Launch

Digicel PNG Foundation announced that over K11.2m (USD4.6m) was invested in a various education, health and comminity based projects for the financial year of 2014-2015.

This was revealed during the launching of the Foundation’s 2014-2015 Annual Report today in Port Moresby. Digicel PNG Foundation’s focus and commitment to respond to its 5 focus areas of access to basic education, access to basic health, community building, services for people with special needs and addressing violence saw a total investment of K11.2 million (USD 4.6m) in FY 2014 – 2015 with the following key achievements:


  • 60 classrooms built in 30 schools giving 1,800 young students in rural and remote communities improved learning environments to pursue their education in infrastructure which include solar lighting, water and sanitation


  • 6 fully stocked libraries (inclusive of library books, furniture, solar lighting and a desktop computer) were given to 6 schools who showed exceptional good governance and community ownership as part of the infrastructure rewards program


  • 5 mobile health clinics and 1 rural health aid post were funded to strengthen basic health outreach services for rural and remote health centres which collectively treated 111,556 people who would otherwise not have access to basic health services


  • 68 community based teachers graduated with a basic teacher’s certificate linking their passion with a sound knowledge base to effectively deliver early childhood learning and development programs


  • 82 people living with disabilities, their carers and families were impacted by our Community Based Rehabilitation program thus making possible the full involvement of people with disabilities and enabling them to benefit from services on an equal basis with others


  • 4,730 people from socially marginalised  communities equipped with a basic business skills certificate and


  • 392 nominations received for our inaugural Men of Honour Awards which is the Foundation’s campaign against violence.

Moving forward to financial year 2015-2016, Digicel PNG Foundation will continue to collaborate with its partners to empower people and communities through building sustainable and meaningful projects and programs focusing on the areas of education and health.

Financial Year 2014/2015 Annual Report Launch