Mobile Centre for Dahcavill School and Laloki Community

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Mobile Centre for Dahcavill School and Laloki Community

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Mobile Centre for Dahcavill School and Laloki Community

Thursday, Oct 23, 2208 – Port Moresby: Today Digicel Foundation launched the second Mobile Learning Centre at Dahcavill school in Laloki.

One of Digicel core beliefs is that as we grow our communities should grow with us. The Foundation strives to support projects that provide opportunities that will inspire and build positive energy in its citizens, which will in turn lead to stronger, self sufficient communities. The Mobile Learning Centre here at Dahcavill School is the realization of Digicel Foundation’s vision to make a difference and play a positive role in peoples lives in PNG.

Dave and Walo Dahcavill started this school in 2001 but the real growth came just a couple of years ago  in 2004 when the Laloki community got involved. A community of at least 40 families and hundreds of children. Children that without, Dave and Walo’s support , would not have had the opportunity to go to school and receive an education. And its not just an education, it is a special form of education which fits the needs of the community, teaching the children not only how to read and write but also how to do gardening and cultivate their own land and grow their own food. The school is becoming self sustainable providing for its self in its own way through its own system. 

The relationship between Dahcavill school and Digicel started before Digicel’s launch more than 1 year ago. Over the past year there have been several occasions in which Digicel has supported the school. One of them was through the school feeding programme whereby Digicel staff would collect food which would be dropped off by the staff. Another very memorable event was the Digicel Christmas charity drive. The Digicel technical staff came first of all to decorate the place with Christmas decorations and 1 week afterwards with Digi Santa and his helpers to give out presents and sweets and they were treated in return to a BBQ by the community.

It is the Digicel Foundation’s belief that this Mobile Learning Centre will help the Dah cavill school and the surrounding community grow even more by giving the community access to a safe and secure community facility to be used as a school, library, resource centre and community learning centre for various kinds of training such as adult literacy, skilled-based training, cooking and sewing for women, and HIV/AIDS awareness depending on the specific needs of the community.

This is only the beginnning as the Digicel Foundation has earmarked several other communities in POM such as Moitaka, Badili, 6 Mile, 9 Mile and Taurama village for the launch of a Mobile Learning Centre over the next month. Digicel Foundation plans on rolling out at least 25 MLC’s in PNG over the next 6 months.

Besides the roll out of Mobile Learning Centres the Foundation is completely rebuilding a primary and elementary school with 8 class rooms (including black boards and new school desks), a staff room, a library, a toilet block and a water tank in Barakau village, Central Province within a 4 month time frame. The school launch will take place during November.
Mobile Centre for Dahcavill School and Laloki Community