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Building A Better Future

2010-2011 Annual Report

Operated solely by dedicated Digicel volunteer staff and backed by the entire company, the Digicel Foundation has achieved remarkable milestones in its six-year journey, having completed over 206 projects and positively impacted the lives of over two million Jamaicans. Our focus areas encompass education, special needs support, sports and culture, community empowerment, and environmental conservation, reflecting our commitment to enhancing various aspects of Jamaican society through our Foundation.

In Jamaica, the Digicel Foundation pursues four primary objectives: achieving universal literacy by integrating technology into classrooms and enhancing learning environments for children with disabilities; empowering communities through sustainable skills-based projects to foster growth and prosperity; nurturing youth development and fostering cultural pride and awareness; and promoting environmental protection and green living practices. We take pride in our contributions to Jamaica's progress and development through these endeavors.

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