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Immaculate Conception High Wins Crea+Her Girls in ICT Hackathon

girls in ICT (1080 x 720 px) (1)Kingston, Jamaica – April 26, 2024 – Anticipation was high for the fourth staging of the Crea+Her Girls in ICT Day Hackathon held last Friday, April 26, 2024, organized by STEAMHouse.

The event, held at the ATL Automotive MINI Showroom, showcased the participation of over 28 girls from high schools across the Caribbean. Leveraging their digital technology prowess, the girls crafted innovative products, services, and solutions tackling contemporary challenges such as violence against women and disabilities awareness.

At the end of the event, the Immaculate Conception High School emerged as the first-place winner. Dubbed "Auto Farmer," Immaculate’s project is an app designed to revolutionise agriculture by incorporating cutting-edge technologies. Among its impressive features are drone monitoring, an AI-powered water system, and comprehensive crop yield analytics.

Rhenna Robinson, the team captain, could hardly contain her excitement as she recounted the genesis of their project. She said, "We are immensely proud that our product resonated with the judges and guests, who recognised the potential and impact of our idea. It wasn't easy coming up with our idea, and we pivoted a few times, but with the guidance of our facilitator, we decided on an automated farming system that could benefit a wide range of people in the Caribbean."

Bhagya Malladi, the teacher who mentored the girls, was equally overjoyed and expressed delight at the team’s triumph. "Winning and placing 1st in the Hackathon was a dream come true for my students and me. The girls put in hard work and excelled that tempts me to push forward in this field,” she said.

Immaculate Conception High not only secured the top prize but also won the Digicel Foundation sponsored Impact Award. This additional honour recognises the app's potential to foster innovation for social good.

Presenting the Impact Award to the winning team, Jodi-Ann McFarlane, Senior Operations Manager at Digicel Foundation, emphasised the alignment between the Immaculate project and the Foundation's mission. She said, "At Digicel Foundation, we are dedicated to supporting initiatives that resonate with our core values: education, community development, and special needs. The Auto Farmer App developed by Immaculate stood out for its potential to empower communities and persons with disabilities."

Ms McFarlane also highlighted the significance of promoting inclusivity in the tech industry stating, “When girls see strong female leaders succeeding in ICT, they are inspired to envision themselves in similar roles, thus bridging the gender gap and fostering a more inclusive and diverse tech ecosystem.”

The Crea+her Hackathon, a virtual competition spanning the Caribbean, attracted participants from various high schools eager to showcase their skills in STEM disciplines. Herbert Morrison Technical High School secured second place, while the Queen's School claimed the third spot. The event served as a platform for young women to demonstrate their potential and inspire future generations of female innovators.

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