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Labour Day

Digicel Foundation Promotes ‘Good Energy, Clean Environment’ Through Several Labour Day Initiatives

Kingston, Jamaica- May 23, 2023: On Labour Day, the Digicel Foundation's volunteers and its community development partners were out in force to help with a number of projects as part of their ongoing commitment to rehabilitating Downtown Kingston.

In alignment with Digicel Foundation’s upcoming environmental and recycling campaign, volunteers painted murals alongside the recycling zone at the Digicel Colm Delves Building, Digicel Foundation volunteers supported team members from the Institute of Jamaica with dusting and shelving to restore and preserve archive material at the Jamaica Music Museum. In continued support of Child’s Month, volunteers painted classrooms and renovated the play area at the Higholborn Street Basic School.

Community Development Manager at the Digicel Foundation, Miguel ‘Steppa’ Williams, shared that the Labour Day efforts were in keeping with the Foundation’s upcoming grant campaign. He said, “In July, we will be launching our environmental campaign called ‘Good Energy, Clean Environment’. This is all about empowering sustainable change and will see us supporting grassroots projects across the island. Our 2023 Labour Day projects are very much aligned with the campaign. Our efforts at the three locations have helped to improve conditions and create safe and enabling environments.”

Mr. Williams thanked the volunteers who lent a hand on the day. “We painted, planted and did general clean-up at each location. Labour Day 2023 was definitely a productive one thanks to the support of all our partners, namely Berger Paints, the Institute of Jamaica, Ballaz Academy, Tuff Fitness, Dutch Construction, Transcendence Holdings Limited and Yabba.”

Herbie Miller, director and curator of the Jamaica Music Museum, expressed thanks for Digicel's assistance in conserving some of Jamaica's famous musical treasures, saying, "Thank you Digicel for assisting us with a job we have been wanting to do since we returned from the pandemic."

In addition to the work in the Downtown area, volunteers from Digicel’s Montego Bay office and Digicel Foundation Board Director, Joy Clark, planted trees at the Catherine Hall Primary Special Education Unit.

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