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Read Across Jamaica Day

Digicel Foundation Commits $600,000 to Literacy, Donates Books and STEM Kits on Read Across Jamaica Day


BANNER (1080 x 720 px) (6)Kingston, Jamaica- May 09, 2023: Digicel Foundation is reaffirming its dedication to promoting literacy through a generous donation of $600,000. This contribution will specifically assist in establishing Resource and Reading Rooms and supporting literacy programmes at the primary level. The four recipient schools, two of which cater to Special Education Institutions, will each receive an equal portion of the donation. This commitment was made by Digicel Foundation in conjunction with the Read Across Jamaica Day festivities, which took place on Tuesday, May 09, 2023.

Senior Operations Manager at the Digicel Foundation, Jodi-Ann McFarlane, shared that the contribution is a testament to the Foundation’s dedication to improving literacy in schools.

“At Digicel Foundation, we are committed to promoting reading and literacy among children, by providing access to books, supporting literacy programs, and creating safe and engaging learning environments. We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to learn, grow, and achieve their full potential, and that reading and literacy are key to making this a reality."

Miss McFarlane was speaking at the Mico Practising Special Education Unit where over 25 volunteers including Digicel Foundation Board Directors and Digicel Jamaica’s Senior Management Team joined forces with Celebration Brands Limited to read to the children at the Unit.

Miss McFarlane stressed the importance of reading to nation-building. She said, “Reading and literacy are essential for children's development and success. They provide the building blocks for language, communication, and cognitive skills, and fosters a love of learning that can last a lifetime.”

Meanwhile, Digicel Foundation Chairperson, Jean Lowrie-Chin spent the morning reading to grade 5 students at the Alpha Primary School. The students listened attentively to Mrs. Lowrie-Chin, who read books about kindness, courage, determination and leadership.

At the end of the activity, a presentation of books, a tablet, and STEM and PEP Resouce Kits were made to the school which was accepted by the Literacy Coordinator, Mrs. Elseta Campbell Davis.

Mrs Campbell Davis expressed gratitude to Digicel Foundation. “It is a delight to have the Digicel Foundation team read to the children. It shows their commitment to education, specifically literacy. The children can now see that reading is important in every area of life and it can take them through the world,” she said.

Also thanking Digicel Foundation for their commitment to the school’s literacy programme, the Principal of Wolmer’s Preparatory, Kemar Christie, said, “From Digicel Foundation’s generous contribution we will be able to do more than what we have been doing for our children in terms of literacy. We are really big on ensuring that our students are literate from an early age. We ensure that by the time they reach grade 4, the grade at which they are tested, they are reading above grade level.”

To date, Digicel Foundation has funded the establishment of 231 Enrichment Rooms across the island. The Rooms are aimed at improving literacy and numeracy in primary schools.

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