Impacting over 600,000 Jamaicans in education, special needs and social enterprise.

Our Portfolios

The Education portfolio offers support to projects and initiatives that focus on innovative techniques and solutions aimed at enhancing the teaching and learning experience.

Through the Enrichment Programme, the Foundation has supported literacy and numeracy interventions by equipping teachers with cutting edge technology and innovative ICT that engages students in both audio and visual learning. 

At the secondary level, through the STEM Initiative support is provided in the form of transportable state-of-the-art scientific equipment to improve the participation and performance of students in science related subjects.

The Entrepreneurship portfolio focuses on the creation of social value in a self-sustained way.

In full support of Jamaica’s Vision 2030 and Digicel Foundation’s vision of building communities and community spirit, the portfolio provides small grants to community organisations. These grants help organisations in both rural and urban communities become sustainable enterprises by supporting project, and capacity, development.

In seeking to empower Jamaicans to achieve their full potential, the portfolio supports projects utilising innovative approaches to solving local development challenges and/or new ways to increase uptake of existing proven solutions.

We are committed to enhancing the welfare of children with special needs across the island. The continued support given to the Special Olympics team in countries served by Digicel worldwide since 2004 is evidence of not only the Foundation’s commitment, but also that of our Patron, Denis O’Brien.

Through our Centre of Excellence Programme which has increased the capacity of special needs schools, upgraded equipment and provided specialized training to teachers; our Ramps in Schools Initiative which has seen the construction of wheelchair ramps in 11 schools across the island;  to our 21 Mobile Therapy Backpacks that allow social workers to deliver developmental care to children in deeply-rural communities, we continue to forge ahead to impact some of our nation’s most vulnerable. Additionally, our annual 5K Walk/Run event, continues to raise millions annually for special needs institutions.

Digicel Foundation is an initiating partner in Respect Jamaica. Respect Jamaica is a multi-corporate anti-discrimination initiative, promoting the inclusion of all people regardless of racial identity, religion, class, sexual orientation, age, political affiliation and/or special needs. There is also a focus on protecting the environment. In keeping with the overarching goal of Vison 2030, making Jamaica the place of choice to live, work, raise families and do business, Respect Jamaica calls on all Jamaicans to stand in support of the marginalised and vulnerable in our communities, to bring about genuine nation-building and a more equitable society. Respect Jamaica is rooted in the belief that everyone, no matter who they are, is deserving of Respect.