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At the Digicel Foundation we aim to invest in sustainable development programmes for the sole purpose of building stronger more resilient communities in the countries where we operate. 



We aim to mobilize and distribute resources across Jamaican communities to improve education at the early childhood and primary school levels, increase access and opportunities for persons with special needs and stimulate sustainable entrepreneurial activity.

  • To build minds by improving literacy and access to technology in schools across Jamaica
  • To build bridges by increasing access for our Special Needs community to participate in national development and improve their quality of life
  • To build communities by fostering a spirit of self-reliance through sustainable enterprise within Jamaican communities 

Funded as at March 2021

  • 394 Special Needs Teachers and Caregivers Trained
  • 10 Special Needs Centres of Excellence constructed
  • 41 wheelchair ramps constructed in primary and secondary schools
  • 680 community development projects
  • 125 Social Enterprises
  • 2,798  Jobs
  • 42 Mobile Science Labs in secondary schools
  • 13 Science Labs renovated


Over 100,000 children have been impacted across the 231 schools supported by Digicel Foundation.

Through partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), literacy and numeracy tools and Library Corners are now in 104 Primary Schools. Additionally 250 teachers and 7,500 parents have been trained to creatively support their students and children throughout the learning process.

Progress As At March 2021

Vision and Mission