Budding entrepreneur with cerebral palsy gets his Christmas wish

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Budding entrepreneur with cerebral palsy gets his Christmas wish

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Budding entrepreneur with cerebral palsy gets his Christmas wish

Manchester, Jamaica – Sunday December 18, 2016: This Christmas, one more youth will enter the workforce as an entrepreneur after receiving a brand new computer, printer and external hard drive through collaboration between Digicel Foundation and the Jamaica Council for Persons with Disabilities (JCPD).

The surprise visit to Roshane Foster in Manchester brought tears of joy from his mother Gennie Facey, who was happy to see her son’s dreams come to life.

“Roshane has always wanted to start his own business and I have always known that he had it in him to be successful, but as a single parent it has been difficult to give him all he would need to succeed. I am so very appreciative. I could not ask for more,” she shared.


Ventura Tech

This is the early beginnings of ‘Ventura Tech’, a name handpicked by Foster for his business. Roshane already supports his community through graphic design and other digital services. However, with his new ‘digs’, he will now have better equipment to extend his business portfolio. Additionally, he will now have the ability to print orders on the spot like the one he was working on during the visit.  

As Foster spoke it was clear that he had great passion for his business “Ventura Tech is very unique because I try to make sure each design is different and I listen to my customers, so that I can give them what they ask for. I put my heart and soul in each design so that makes a big difference,” Roshane shared.

He was eager to articulate his vision for the future, saying “I see myself in the next five years with at least 2 computer shops and giving back to the persons who helped me to make my dream come true”.

“We want to celebrate the resilient spirit of champions like Roshane who want to contribute meaningfully, despite the hurdles along their way,” said Dane Richardson, CEO of Digicel Foundation.

Through several initiatives, the Foundation supports organisations to help address challenges in the disability sector.

“Working with key agencies like the JCPD helps to ensure that our efforts are far reaching and impactful,” he added.  

From his certification in Information Technology and Business Administration to his own volunteerism in becoming the first active Rotaract Club member living with cerebral palsy, Roshane has made great strides. In speaking about his next steps, he was steadfast in sharing how he wants to channel his own success to actively supporting members of the special needs community.

“What I want is for persons to stop looking down on people with disabilities. We have a lot to offer, just like anyone else,” said Foster.  

Persons interested in applying for an Economic Empowerment Grant from the JCPD are asked to contact the JCPD by visiting any of its offices island-wide or simply calling 968-8373.

Budding entrepreneur with cerebral palsy gets his Christmas wish