Digicel Foundation receives AMCHAM award

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Digicel Foundation receives AMCHAM award

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Digicel Foundation receives AMCHAM award


Digicel Foundation has been awarded by American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) Business & Civic Leadership Award in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility for 2011. The award ceremony was held at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel on Monday, September 26th. Specifically, this award was in recognition of the foundation’s commitment to improving education across Jamaica through ICT with our Enrichment Program.

 The Digicel Foundation launched the Enrichment Centre initiative in 2009 starting with a total of 12 Primary Schools. Today, we have a total of 27 Enrichment Centres and 20 Mobile Enrichment Carts in a total of 46 primary schools across Jamaica. The Enrichment Centre initiative seeks to improve the literacy and numeracy levels in primary schools across Jamaica.

Below is the list of criteria for this Award as well as the other companies who were also nominated.                                                                                               

The AMCHAM Jamaica Award for Corporate Social Responsibility of Excellence

 This award recognizes corporate social responsibility by companies operating in Jamaica. The awardee must have: 

·         Demonstrated commitment to corporate citizenship through but not limited to the organization’s business strategy over 5 years or, where the company is less than 5 years old, or for at least 80% of their existence. 

·         Demonstrated policies, programmes or projects with measurable/evidenced improvement of the communities in which they operate.


The Other Nominees in this category were:

·         Cari-Med Foundation

·         Columbus Communications Jamaica Ltd.

·         NCB Jamaica Ltd.

·         Pan Caribbean Financial Services

·         Red Stripe

·         RJA Communications Group

·         Barita Investments Ltd.

·         Capital and Credit Financial Group Ltd

·         G4S Jamaica 

The Digicel Foundation looks forward to your continued support as we continue to help our communities grow and improve.


Digicel Foundation receives AMCHAM award