Digicel Foundation donates computers to deserving youth

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Digicel Foundation donates computers to deserving youth

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Digicel Foundation donates computers to deserving youth

May 01st 2006 – Kingston, Jamaica

Building on their commitment to assisting the youth of Jamaica, the Digicel Foundation is donating a large number of computers to various schools and organizations targeting youth. The presentation will be made on Friday, May 5 at the Spanish Town Citizens Against Gun Violence Centre on Hanover Street.

For Jacqueline Campbell, Assistant Pastor at the Church of God Deliverance Ministry Home Work Centre, this generous donation will greatly assist the work being done to lift Jamaican youth from a life of poverty and despair. "Some of the children we help did not even complete a secondary education and these computers will allow them to learn more effectively and keep them occupied on the weekends when they could be getting into mischief. The computers will also be helpful when children need help with their homework or a class project. We are very happy to be receiving this donation, which will be greatly appreciated by the community."

Eusibido Palmer, Head of Information Technology at the SOS Children's Village is also tremendously appreciative of the Digicel Foundation's kind donation. "These computers will be useful learning tools at our SOS Children's school, which is an extension of the SOS Children's Village. The children will be able to learn about computers and information technology, which is an extremely important subject in this new information age."

The Spanish Town Citizens Against Gun Violence Centre, where the presentation will take place, is also one of the numerous recipients of the Foundation's donation and they are incredibly grateful for this wonderful gift. "The primary role of our organization is to end gun violence in Spanish Town and we intend to accomplish this through teaching literacy and computer skills to the community so they can be productive, not harmful members of society. These computers are top-of-the-line models and will be invaluable tools in teaching these children programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel and also introducing them to the Internet."

Since the launch of the Digicel Foundation in 2004, this non-profit organization established by Digicel has helped numerous communities and groups in need. Among the projects implemented by the Foundation are:
• The establishment of a Chair in Telecommunications Policy and Management at the University of the West Indies. • J$9-million dollar upgrading of the sports and irrigation facilities at St. Elizabeth Technical High School.
• Expansion and refurbishing of the Guidance Counseling Unit at Ascott Primary School in St. Catherine.
• Rebuilding of the Lakes Pen Basic School in a record time of six-weeks.
• Provision of recreational facilities in Arnett Gardens in Kingston and Farm Heights/Rose Heights in St. James.

The Foundation is also a recipient of the UWI Principal’s Award for outstanding contribution to research.


Digicel Foundation donates computers to deserving youth