St. Elizabeth Technical High School Sports Facilities Re-opened

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St. Elizabeth Technical High School Sports Facilities Re-opened

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St. Elizabeth Technical High School Sports Facilities Re-opened

Project Summary: St. Elizabeth Technical High School

St. Elizabeth Technical High School, which has served the breadbasket parish for over 40 years, is as much renowned for its academic exploits as for its sporting tradition.
In a move to assist the school, the Digicel Foundation partnered with the STETHS community to upgrade and expand the school’s sporting facilities, which needed severe maintenance and improvement, and its irrigation facilities, which were ineffective.

Upgrading work on this J$9 Million project included: reactivating an old well, reconstructing the pavilion, refurbishing of changing rooms, resurfacing of the track and field areas, repairing the bleachers-stand, creating additional dormitories behind the grand-stand, as well as the re-roofing of the grandstand.

The refurbishing work has been well received by the school, which has an exceptional track record in developing young talent who take their places as outstanding leaders in all walks of life. Moreover, now the community has a modern sporting ground, which will bring much demand for future sporting events to the benefit of the entire parish.


March 6th 2006 – Kingston, Jamaica

Work is continuing by Digicel Foundation and the St. Elizabeth Technical High School community on the $9million expansion and renovation project funded by the Digicel Foundation at the school.

On Friday March 3, the Digicel Foundation as well as staff members from Digicel travelled to St. Elizabeth for a work and sports day at STETHS, tangibly assisting in the restoration process and engaging in friendly competition with students and teachers in cricket and netball. The works on Friday involved the installation of new doors in the changing rooms and painting.

Executive Director of the Digicel Foundation, Major General Robert Neish said "The work that has been undertaken includes the rehabilitation of an old well, reconstruction of the pavilion which was in a state of disrepair after extensive damage during Hurricane Ivan in 2004, the refurbishing of changing rooms and improvements to the playfield. The dormitories, which are a part of the schools pavilion, will also be rehabilitated in order to improve living conditions."

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Vice Principal of STETHS, Keith Wellington, who played in the cricket match, said that the school is grateful to the Digicel Foundation for undertaking the improvements to the institution's sporting facility and tuck shop.

"The improvement means that the play area along with its refurbished pavilion will offer more comfortable conditions for persons having to use the facility. It will also help to enhance the general appearance of the school plant," Mr. Wellington stated.

Major General Neish said the Digicel Foundation is now awaiting the arrival of the pump for installation in the refurbished well. Work on the school's tuck shop is slated to begin during the summer holidays so as not to cause any disruption to the operation of the institution.

He further stated that rehabilitation of the play field will begin at the end of April and will involve the laying of irrigation pipes, overlaying the entire area with topsoil and the planting of grass. This work should be completed by the end of June.

St. Elizabeth Technical High School was built in the early 1960's and boasts a strong tradition on sporting activities. The institution has won most major sporting competitions including the ISSA Competition, Headley Cup (cricket), DaCosta Cup (football) and Western Athletic Championships. The school has also enjoyed the most wins by a local school, at the prestigious Penn Relays.

St. Elizabeth Technical High School Sports Facilities Re-opened