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Explore Our Portfolio to Learn More About Our Community Investments In Haiti

Our portfolio showcases our investments in four key areas: School Construction, Professional Development, Grants, and Staff Engagement.
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Programs Tailored to the Needs Of Our Communities

At the Digicel Foundation, our primary commitment lies in the field of education. However, aware that the challenges in Haiti are vast, we also fund promising projects for sustainable change, primarly through our Konbit Pou Chanjman campaign.

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School Construction

Contributing to Improving the quality of education in Haiti by providing an environment that is condusive to learning.

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Professional Development

Supporting school communities to improve the quality of education and make schools sustainable.



Investing in improving communities through sustainable development projects.

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Staff Engagement

Encouraging Digicel employees to engage in their communities.


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Improving the quality of education in Haiti is our main objective. This work necessarily involves the construction of comfortable school infrastructure that provides natural lighting and ventilation. Inaugurated in March 2023, Ecole Paul VI is a perfect example.
The collaboration of all entities within the school community is essential for the realization of major projects aimed at providing sustainable and effective solutions. Let's admire the Laporte community who’s members came together to build a perimeter wall for their school.
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The "Konbit Pou Chanjman" campaign allows us to contribute to strengthening communities by funding projects aimed at the same objective. Take a look at the agricultural transformation project implemented by KOOPAFA, one of the 4th edition winners.
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Digicel employees always lend their support when the Digicel Foundation is carrying out activites, the completion of a public square in Cabaret, in the West department shows many of our volunteers in action.

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