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Lucea Community Made Stronger with Digicel Foundation's Investment in Infant School


Educators gathered at the Lucea Infanct School in Hanover to marvel at the newly renovated early childhood institution. We partnered with the Early Childhood Commission to extensively renovate the facility - providing a safer, healthier environment for students to learn, grow and play.


We've been partnering with the ECC over the past five years, investing J$127.3 million in the renovation of early childhood institutions, with a goal of getting more schools up to code and certified to serve children under the age of six years. The Lucea Infant School is the seventh renovation project completed under the partnership and the first in Hanover.

Among the local educators at the launch were the Principals of Rusea’s High School and Lucea Primary School. Both expressed their excitement for their fellow Lucea-based school and eagerness to also learn how they can work with the Digicel Foundation to improve the physical environment at their schools.

The students who attended the handover were equally as eager as their teachers and administrators, as they took to the stage to thank the Digicel Foundation for investing in them and their school.

“We can assure you that we will always have extraordinary days and we play and learn. Thank you,” exclaimed two young girls, in unison, as they represented the student body and delivered a vote of thanks.

Students will return to the newly renovated school for the final term to find a building that has been retiled, reroofed and repainted. Additional repairs included the repaving of the driveway and inner courtyard, electrical upgrades and installation of a perimeter fence to enhance school security. An outdoor play area was also created to encourage play as an integral part of early childhood development.

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