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Professional Development Program

Education is a universal human right.  Long before the United Nation’s declaration, the forefathers of the first black independent republic wrote into Haiti’s constitution that “every child has a right to free primary education.”  Regrettably, this vision has yet to be fulfilled.  Today, Haiti continues to face extraordinary obstacles, burdened by inflation, political instability, and environmental degradation.  Nonetheless,

Haitians have shown notable determination to bring about positive change, and the Digicel Foundation is proud to work in partnership with communities across the country to stimulate development, mainly through education.

The Foundation’s professional development program aims to help children receive a quality education by training teachers, school directors, and coaches.  Knowing that an estimated 80% of functioning primary school teachers are uncertified, the program initially sought to close the gap between qualified and unskilled teachers.  Later the framework was broadened to provide school directors with intensive training in school governance, pedagogical supervision, and community relations.

The program, designed to benefit schools built by the Digicel Foundation, has reached 20 trainers, 198 school directors, and 1,521 teachers.

In 2019, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the Foundation launched a new initiative entitled PARCCSEQ, Support Project for Capacity Building of School Communities for Quality Education.  This new undertaking aims to support school communities in setting up effective participatory structures to improve their school performance and sustainability.  Once a school has a well-established council, Foundation trainers assist its members in writing a school development plan based on a needs assessment.  Additionally, given economic challenges, trainers guide schools in developing social enterprises funded by the Foundation.  Profits generated help cover operational costs and other needed investments.

Today 68 schools are participating in this initiative, and more than 60 have already started their income-generating projects.

Professional Development