Vision and Mission

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At the Digicel Foundation we aim to invest in sustainable development programs for the sole purpose of building stronger more resilient communities in the countries where we operate. 



Established in March 2007, the Digicel Foundation in Haiti strives to ensure that communities have a better future by supporting community based activities with a particular emphasis on those improving access to and quality of early childhood and primary school education.

  • To offer access to improved learning environments and quality education to children
  • To provide professional training to school directors and teachers
  • To assist school communities in becoming more sustainable
  • To support marginalized communities to become more self-reliant
  • To facilitate access to basic services to people with special needs
  • 192 schools built across the country serving more than 62,000 students.
  • 20 trainers earned a certification in pre-school and primary education systems from the Université du Québec à Montréal.
  • 198 school directors followed a training to strengthen and develop school leadership, to grow pedagogical supervision capabilities in line with state approved curriculum and to apply practical solutions to improve school governance, and community relations.
  • 1,521 teachers benefitted from phase 1 training which aims to standardize primary school teachers’ knowledge and skills such as reading, writing, math and technical aptitude through an 18-month in-service training.
  • 675 teachers received a phase 2 training which is designed to Incentivize the best performing and committed teachers to successfully complete Phase I in order to access an additional 70 hours of learning in social science, natural science, and civic education.  
  • 346 community development projects funded benefitting more than 1.3 million persons.
  • 66 social enterprises financed to assist schools in becoming more sustainable.
Vision and Mission