Konbit Pou Chanjman: Announcement of the 25 finalists

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Konbit Pou Chanjman: Announcement of the 25 finalists

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Konbit Pou Chanjman: Announcement of the 25 finalists

Port-au-Prince, Haiti – January 31, 2020:

Launched in May 2019, the third round of the Konbit Pou Chanjman campaign has been true to its objective to contribute to strengthening communities across the country. The various steps have moved forward with success, from 399 applications submitted during the first phase to 63 selected projects visited during the visit phase.

At the end of 2019, the Foundation team traveled throughout the 10 departments of the country to meet with different communities to discuss projects and select 25 out of the 63 that had been chosen during the second phase of the campaign. Criteria considered during this process were pertinence of the project, its feasibility, its durability, and actual community needs.

And during the last week of January, representatives of these 25 organizations were invited to Port-au-Prince to defend their respective projects before a jury. They also participated in training on communication, leadership, management, and governance of non-profit organizations. Their defense of their projects will lead to the selection of 15 winners in this [final] phase, who will each receive a total of 800,000 gourdes to implement their community projects. Next March, these organizations will come to the capital again to participate in the closing ceremony of this third round and the announcement of winners.

“They received us with hearts full of joy during the field visits and now it is an honor for us in turn to welcome them. For several days we had the pleasure of noting their resolution and their belief in their projects, all of which have the common denominator of improving living conditions in their communities. I heartily congratulate the 25 organizations who reached this stage of the competition and wish them much success in the future,” declared Sophia Stransky, Executive Director of the Digicel Foundation.

List of the 25 organizations selected as finalists.

·       Association Progressiste de Chatelas (APC) – Département de l’Artibonite

·       Òganizasyon Tèt Ansanm pou Devlopman Baden 7ème Seksyon Moulen Gros-Morne (OTADB7MGM) – Département de l’Artibonite

·       Fok Ayisyen Travay (FAT) – Département du Centre

·       HAITI LEVE (HLEV) – Département du Centre

·       Rassemblement des Jeunes Penseurs de Savane Grande (RJEPS) – Département du Centre

·       Action Communautaire pour le Développement Intègre de la Paysannerie Haïtienne (ACODIPHA) – Département de la Grande-Anse

·       Solidarite Fanm Mowon (SOLIFANM) – Département de la Grande-Anse

·       Association des Pêcheurs de Charlier Nippes (APC/Nippes) – Département du Nippes

·       Haïti Terre de Rêve (HATER) – Département du Nippes

·       Nippes en Action (NA) – Département du Nippes

·       Association des Jeunes en Développement Apicole (AJDA) – Département du Nord

·       Association des Jeunes Nordistes pour une Nouvelle Alternative de Développement (AJENONADE) – Département du Nord

·       Centre d'Action et de Recherche pour le Développement Local (CARDEL) – Département du Nord-Est

·       Foi et Joie Haïti (FJ)  – Département du Nord-Est

·       Organisation Dynamique pour le Développement de Minière (ODDM) – Département du Nord-Est

·       Association pour le Développement Agro-écologique de Gaspard (ADAG) – Département du Nord-Ouest

·       Morne-Chrétien en Action (MCA) – Département du Nord-Ouest

·       Association des Habitants pour le Développement de Nau (AHDN) – Département de l’Ouest

·       Fondation de l'Ecole Professionnelle Sainte Marie (FEPSM) – Département de l’Ouest

·       Foyer Maurice Sixto (FMS) – Département de l’Ouest

·       Heart to Heart International – Département de l’Ouest

·       Association Socio-Sportive de Lhomond (ASSL) – Département du Sud

·       Lycée Jean Claude Museau – Département du Sud

·       Konbit pou Remanbre Mabyal (KOREMAB) – Département du Sud-Est

·       Regroupement des Jeunes pour le Développement d'Haïti (REJEDHA) – Département du Sud-Est

Konbit Pou Chanjman: Announcement of the 25 finalists