Inauguration of the Foundation 176th school

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Inauguration of the Foundation 176th school

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Inauguration of the Foundation 176th school

Official opening of the 176th Digicel Foundation school



May 8, 2018, Port-au-Prince, Haiti -   This morning, the Digicel Foundation opened the doors to its 176th school: "The Ecole Nationale Congréganiste Saint Gérard" in Bainet in the Sud-Est.

This school, which was built according to international earthquake-resistant and hurricane-resistant building codes, is an expansion of the only church school in the region. It is led by the Congrégation des Sœurs Missionaires du Christ-Roi [Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of Christ the King] which has served the Bainet community for over fifty years.

This expansion, which consists of six classrooms, an administration block, and a sanitary block, houses the institution’s third cycle students who were often required to travel to Jacmel after the sixth year of elementary education to continue their studies.

At the same time, the Digicel Foundation began distributing checks to the 11 organizations who won the first edition of the "Konbit Pou Chanjman" campaign during symbolic award ceremonies conducted by Digicel business executives who work in the various departments of the country.


Each organization received a check for 700,000 gourdes to carry out a project submitted at the beginning of the campaign in March 2017. In all, the organizations received financing in the amount of 7.7 million gourdes, payments that will be distributed in three installments: one at the beginning of the project and two others after evaluation visits.

The Foundation again wishes success to the winning organizations and is entirely convinced that these projects will contribute to the development of their communities.





List of finalist organizations in the 2017-2018 campaign.

o   Ministère d’une Nouvelle Espérance pour le Développement Intégral en Haïti (Minedi - Haïti) Département de l’Artibonite

o   Coopération des Jeunes Haïtiens pour le Développement Socioéconomique (CJDHS), Département Du Centre

o   Organisation pour le Réhaussement de la Commune des Roseaux

 (ORCRO), Département de la Grande Anse

o   Paillant en Voie de Développement (PAVODEV), Département des Nippes

o   Centre de Formation pour l’Entraide et le Développement Communautaire (CFEDEC), Département Du Nord

o   Congrégation des Petits Frères de Ste-Thérèse/Fraternité Laguamithe, Département du Nord-Est

o   Asosyasyon Peyizan Jasmin (APJ), Département du Nord-Ouest

o   Initiative des Fermiers Organisés pour le Développement Durable (IFOSUD), Département de l’Ouest

o   Haiti Adolescent Girls Network - HAGN, Département de l’Ouest

o   Association des Jeunes Penseurs pour l'Evolution (AJPE), Département du Sud

o   Echo Des Jeunes Tuff pour l’avancement de la Vallée de Jacmel (EJTA), Département du Sud-Est

Inauguration of the Foundation 176th school