Bigu��, Gros-Morne Community School, Artibonite Department

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Bigu��, Gros-Morne Community School, Artibonite Department

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Bigu��, Gros-Morne Community School, Artibonite Department


School Name: Bigue Community School


Address: 8 Sections of Gros Morne, Artibonite


Date of construction of the school: Oct. 1995


Name of Director: Pierre Edmond


Total teachers: 10


Total Students: 260




School vision

To reduce the percentage of illiteracy in our country


School Mission

To open the mind of the children to a brighter future


History of School:

In 1995, people of Bique thought it was necessary to have a school that would to enable them to reduce the percentage of illiteracy in their country. With Mr. Edmond Pierre, they found help from the international organization IOM. Two sisters that work with the school, Sister Pat and Sister Jacky, established a relationship with the DIGICEL Foundation and presented their school infrastructure project. They were successful. People living in this community have chosen Mr. Pierre to lead this school in recognition of his hard work and dedication to the education of the children in their community.


About the school

Bigue is a community school. It is certified by the Ministry of Education. It has 260 pupils, 120 boys and 140 girls. The school has 6 classes and teaches Creole, French, math, social studies and experimental science.  There are 10 teachers working in the school.


The school board is made up of a total of three people, the school principal, a teacher and a parent. The committee of parents is composed of six parents. Its role is to care for the school and to advise and support the administration.



In 2007 the DIGICEL foundation rebuilt the school. In 2008 the foundation financially supported the teaching staff of their school.

The school is part of a food program. The program is headed by the director of the school and 260 pupils and 10 teachers receive one meal a day consisting of rice, but only during classes’ semesters.

The school has a very successful summer camp program every year with the Irish Volunteers students from University College Dublin in July and August. The school is also availing of a vaccination program from the state, ensuring that all students are vaccinated each year.


Bigu��, Gros-Morne Community School, Artibonite Department