Sainte Claire of Saut-d'Eau

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Sainte Claire of Saut-d'Eau

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Sainte Claire of Saut-d'Eau





Name of school: Ecole Sainte-Claire


Address: Flomeur, 2nd Section la Selle, Saut d'Eau, Center


Date the school was built: February 2008


Name of the director: Emmanuel Virgile


Total number of teachers: 7


Total number of Students: 602






School vision

A child of today is the man of the future. So, whoever would like to contribute to a better future must think of the formation of the children. And it is through education that is the key to development.


School mission

Allowing the children of the community access to a low cost education.


History of the School:

Patroness of this school founded it in 1992. We believe Santa Clara will continue to enlighten the minds of children entrusted to us. A child who attends school at Saint Claire does not see things the same way as those who had never been there. The first sees things in a clear and sharp way. And can bring thes skills to improve their lives. 


About the school:

Saint Claire is a Private school that operates with a license certified by the Ministry of Education. There are 602 registered school pupils, 333 boys and 269 girls. The school goes up to the 7th grade of basic education it teaches Maths, French, Creole, and the Experimental Social Science.


The school committee is composed of 3 people, the school principal, a teacher and a parent. The committee is responsible for supervising the smooth running of the school, mentors other committees, and represents the school. It helps with school administration.


The committee includes 7 parents. This committee is to oversee the smooth running of the school and serves to encourage other parents to participate in school activities of their children.


Partners of the School:

In 2007, the DIGICEL Foundation built a full Primary School. In 2008 the foundation will locate and financially support the training of their primary school staff. The school is also supported by Concern Haiti working in Education and by the BND, which offers a daily breakfast to all children.



Sainte Claire of Saut-d'Eau