Ecole Nationale de Passe-Catabois, Northwest Department

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Ecole Nationale de Passe-Catabois, Northwest Department

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Ecole Nationale de Passe-Catabois, Northwest Department





Name of school: Passe Catabois National School


Address: Password-Catabois, Northwest Department, Haiti


Date the school was built: November 2007


Name of the director: Fleurimond Rochel


Total number of teachers: 7


Total number of Students: 300






School Vision

Promote the education of children.


School Mission

Former souls to heaven, for the homes and lives of citizens for the nation.


History of the School:

Founded in October 2006, the school shared a building with another school, Etzer Vilaire-Password-Catabois, and were forced to work only in the afternoon (1h-5h). At that time they only had 10 students. Today it has 300 students and thanks to the intervention of the Foundation DIGICEL, the school has its own building where they can educate their students during normal hours.


About the School:

Catabois Pass is a National School working with the authorization of the Ministry of Education. There are 300 students in this school, 125 boys and 175 girls, and seven teacher’s work with them. The school provides 6 grades of education teaching maths, French, Creole, Social Science and Experimental Science. The school does not have a governing board at this point. The parents' committee is composed of 6 parents who monitor and ensure the smooth running of the school.


Partners of the School:

In 2007 the DIGICEL Foundation entirely rebuilt and furnished Passe Catabois School. In 2008 the Foundation financially supported the salaries of teachers and their training. The school also has an active partnership with the WFP, which provides a hot meal each day to every child All children were vaccinated by WHO/PAHO.



Ecole Nationale de Passe-Catabois, Northwest Department