Catron Community School, Jean Rabel, Northwest Department

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Catron Community School, Jean Rabel, Northwest Department

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Catron Community School, Jean Rabel, Northwest Department




Name of school: Ecole Communautaire de Catron


Address: 5 Section Jean- Rabel, Northwest Department


Date the school was built: December 2008


Name of the director: Jean-Baptiste Dchmens


Total number of teachers: 6


Total number of Students:       273






School vision

To guide and to educate the children of the community


School  mission

Help the children of the area to bloom intellectually


School history:

The school opened in October 1997 with the help of the people from the community. A French organization called I.D. continues to support the school financially and pedagogically. In 2008 and with the help if ID the school obtained a new school building from the Digicel Foundation. This new construction comprised of 7 classrooms and a direction and administration office. The school also benefitted from benches, books and professional training.


About the school:

Catron is a community school working with a certificate from the Ministry of Education. There are 273 students in the school and 6 teachers. This school teaches to standard seven.


The direction council is composed 3 peoples, the director, the teacher, a representative of I.D. It advises on the functioning of the school.


The parent’s comity is composed of 5 parents. Their role is to watch and resolve the problems that could arise between the community, the parents and the school.


Partners of the school :

In 2007 the foundation DIGICEL has reconstructed and entirely furnished the school.   In 2008, DIGICEL Foundation supported financially the payment and the formation of the teachers.

The school is part of the EFACAP of the north west and is part of a supervised schooling by ADEMA

The school is part of a food program. This program is supported by PAM that feeds all children and teachers every day during the school year. The children are vaccinated by MSPP.



Catron Community School, Jean Rabel, Northwest Department