College Moderne de Marbiale, Southeast Department

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College Moderne de Marbiale, Southeast Department

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College Moderne de Marbiale, Southeast Department



Name of school: College Moderne de Marbiale


Address: Quartier Marbiale, South-east


Date the school was built: Oct 2007


Name of the director: Auxène Roc


Total number of teachers: 18


Total number of Students: 450







School Vision

To enable citizens to gain fruitful employment and in turn develop their country.


School Mission

Marbial School will be providing a quality education for the community.


History of School:

This institution was founded by the Regional Coordination of Organizations of Southeast (CROS) in October 1997. It is a community school offering its services to a rural population of the five sections of the Marbial community.  From 2003 to today, the official results of the school are on average 90% of the levels (AF, Reto and Philo).


About the school:

Marbial Community College is working with a certificate from the Ministry of Education. 450 students are enrolled in school. The school includes a primary and a secondary section. All the National disciplines are taught.


The Board is composed of 4 people: the school principal and teachers. This committee manages the property of the school, participates in developing a program and provides the discipline of the school. The parents' committee is composed of 6 people and manifests an interest in all school activities. It is also involved in the smooth running of the kitchen and participates actively in all decision-making.


Partners of the school:

In 2007, the DIGICEL Foundation fully supported the construction and furnishing of the school. The Foundation has also built a tank to allow students to have running water. Cros monitor the Educational quality in the school with the management team and the teachers. The school is also part of a feeding program with the WFP who provides a hot meal each day for 450 pupils and 18 teachers.




College Moderne de Marbiale, Southeast Department