J��r��mie, D��partement de la Grand-Anse

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J��r��mie, D��partement de la Grand-Anse

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J��r��mie, D��partement de la Grand-Anse




Name of school: Notre Dame du Perpétuel Secours Community School


Address: 3, Rue Camagnole, Jeremie, Grand Anse


Date the school was built: Oct 2007


Name of the director: Precial Luxama


Total number of teachers: 10


Total number of Students: 300






School vision

The vision of the school is to teach and train the very young for a better tomorrow.


School mission

The mission of the school is to educate, teach and transmit knowledge to children aged three to fourteen years.


History of the School:

Perpetual Help Community School was founded in 1997. Its aim is to educate children from 7 to 12 years who had never attended school. Starting from the year 2000 pre-school days will result in 2004 in a basic school, with the advent of the DIGICEL Foundation who built a large school of eight classrooms in 2007.


About the school:

The Perpetual Help School is a community school working with a certificate authorized by the Ministry of Education. There are 300 students enrolled at school and 10 teachers who teach maths, French, Creole and Social Sciences and Experimental and Religion. This school teaches up to the 7th grade of basic education.


The Board is composed of 9 people and it ensures the smooth running of the school.


The parents' committee is composed of 5 parents. Their role is to promote the exchange between the various committees and help to resolve the differences that may arise between the community and the committee.


Partners of the school:

In 2007 the Foundation DIGICEL reconstructed and furnished the school. In 2008, the Foundation financially supports the payment and training of teachers.

The school is part of a food program. This program is supported by the Catholic Relief Service, which gives food to teachers and students every day, throughout the school year. Students are vaccinated by the MSPP.





J��r��mie, D��partement de la Grand-Anse