Notre-Dame de Perpetuel Secours School, Petit-Goave, West Department

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Notre-Dame de Perpetuel Secours School, Petit-Goave, West Department

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Notre-Dame de Perpetuel Secours School, Petit-Goave, West Department



Name of school: Ecole Notre-Dame de Perpetuel Secours


Address:  Durissy, Petit-Goave, Haiti


Date the school was built: 9 Oct 2007


Name of the director: Fritz Valsaint


Total number of teachers: 9


Total number of Students: 273

















School vision

To allow a bigger number of children to frequent the school. To give the children of Durissy a good education and a better life.


School history:

Notre Dame du Perpétuel Secours was founded by Father Anis Yves on October 5, 2002 at Durissy. Durissy is a very poor community. Before 2002 there was no school in this area, no health services, no drinkable water, no electricity, and only 5% of the parents could afford to give their children a good education. When Father Anis was still a Samaritan he used to pay the school fees for many children. When the reality of the area became apparent to him he decided to open a school. At the beginning money was never enough, so the priest opened his own house to the children. Year after year, the school grew and now, thanks to the DIGICEL foundation they have a better functioning school.


About the school:

Perpétuel Secours is a community school, functioning with an authorized permit from the Ministry of Education. There are 273 students attending the school, 105 boys, 93 girls and 9 teachers who teach Maths, French, Creole, Social and Experimental sciences and Religion. There is also a kindergarten. This school provides schooling up to the 7th grade.


The school board is composed of 5 people, the director, three teachers, and the town’s mayor. Their role is to manage the school and to take care of the day to day running. The parents committee is composed of 5 parents who help support the school decisions in accordance with the community.                                                        

School partners

In 2007, the DIGICEL foundation has completely rebuilt and furnished the entire school. In 2008, the Foundation financially supported the teacher’s formation and their payments.

The school is part of a food program supported by PAM which provides food to children and teachers during the school year. The students are vaccinated by  MSPP.


Notre-Dame de Perpetuel Secours School, Petit-Goave, West Department