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The Digicel Trinidad and Tobago Foundation was launched in July 2012 and has implemented over 470 projects nationwide with an investment of US$4.22 million impacting 143,202 persons throughout Trinidad and Tobago. The Foundation's projects focus on two key areas: Special Needs and Community Development.

Our main objectives, through our various programmes are:

  • To increase the quality and quantity of facilities serving the special needs community, raise awareness, promote inclusion and support organisations in endeavours that seek to empower, motivate and assist those with intellectual disabilities.
  • To encourage community self-reliance and empowerment through the implementation of sustainable projects that build life-skills or generate income for community members.

Our various programmes align with our key pillars:

SPECIAL NEEDS - awareness and advocacy, inclusion, therapy, education and sport for development.

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT - social development and social entrepreneurship.

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