Vision | Mission | Statement

We are on a permanent mission to help build PNG


At the Digicel Foundation we aim to invest in sustainable development programmes for the sole purpose of building stronger more resilient communities in the countries where we operate. 



Digicel PNG Foundation works with communities to develop and build sustainable and meaningful projects and programs focusing on the areas of education and health. The core of the Digicel Foundation’s work is encouraging positive community ownership to improve the lives of people of PNG.

  • To provide young children with access to basic education

  • To provide access to basic health services in rural and other marginalized areas

  • To support marginalized communities to become more self-reliant

  • To provide basic services for vicitms of domestic violence

  • To provide access and basic services to people with special needs


  • 220 primary school classrooms
  • 242 elementary school classrooms
  • 13 libraries
  • 37 community learning centres
  • 21 mobile health clinics
  • 3 rural health aid posts
  • 3 women’s resources centres

Co-funded 5 famlily support centres in partnership with UNICEF and National Department of Health, graduated 260 grassroots community based teachers in early childhood development and learning participants; and 15,000 men and women equipped with basic business skills.

Our schools have seen over 22000 socially marginalized studens access education in better earning environments and more than 500,00 people in rural remote communities access basic health services.

Vision and Mission