Patron’s Message

Patron’s Message

Any business that makes profit within a market should in my view give back to the communities from which it draws its strength, through the building and regeneration of these communities. This has always been a fundamental belief of mine and I’m proud to say a core value of Digicel.

During my visits to Digicel Foundation projects I am continually heartened by the tremendous work that is being achieved by the Digicel Foundation Board and our staff members and how the Foundation is playing such a positive role in people’s lives.

A decision was made early in the process that the best people to drive the Foundation were Digicel staff members themselves. We wanted communities not only to benefit from the financial support of Digicel Foundation but also from the skills, team work and dedication of our extraordinary staff in order for the projects to be truly sustainable.

I look forward to continuing to recognize the accomplishments of the Digicel Foundation in the coming years. Digicel is one of the fastest growing mobile operators in the Caribbean, Central American and Pacific region and our vision is that as we grow our communities will grow with us.

As patron of Digicel Foundation, I want to give my sincere thanks and congratulations to the Foundation’s Board and executive staff, and Digicel staff volunteers, who give their invaluable support and commitment to our projects. This website tells the stories of their diligent work and the wonderful communities which have embraced them. I hope that it will serve as an inspiration from which the Digicel Foundation will continue to draw its strength as well as encouraging similar work from other corporations in our communities.

Denis O’Brien, Founder & Patron