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Frequently Asked Questions


1.      What is the Back To School Promotion?

Our Back to school Promotion is an instant $99 back towards the purchase of a 30 Day Freedom LTE Bundle when you buy the Alcatel 5033 or Samsung J2Core

2.      Whats is the Back To School Promotion period?

This offer runs from August 19th , 2019 to Sept 13th , 2019

3.      Who does the Back To School Promotion apply to?

This applies to all GSM Customers in St. Kitts and Nevis

4.      How do I enter the Back To School Promotion?

Simply go to the store and request the Back To School offer from any one of our CSR’s

5.      What do I get in this promotin?

When you purchase any one the discounted handsets (Samsung J2 Core or Alcatel 5033) you get $99 back towards the purchase of a 30 Day Freedom LTE Plan.  

6.      How much do I actually have to pay?

You pay $199 for the Alcatel 5033 and $399 for Samsung J2 Core

7.      What is the value of the plan?

The 30 Freedom bundle plan is currently valued at $99.

8.      Do I receive the Cash Back upon purchase or is it a chance to WIN?

You automatically receive the cash back towards the plan once you purchase the device.

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