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You can apply for funding through our Build Jamaica and Mek A Muckle grant programmes.

Applications are available for download - check out the links below. All mandatory sections must be completed for review and meet the necessary Funding Guidelines.

Once you've reviewed our programme guidelines, and found the programme that fits your organisation’s next project, email your application to, or mail it in to:

Digicel Foundation,

14 Ocean Boulevard,

Kingston, Jamaica

You may also hand in your completed application at major Digicel dealer stores. Find your nearest store here.


Quick Tips for Submitting Your Application

  • We mainly invest in the areas: Education, Special Needs, Agriculture and Entrepreneurship for Sustainability
  • Our grants target not-for-profit groups and social enterprises
  • We encourage our applicants to include supporting documents like estimates to better justify the investment
  • We work closely with the Social Development Commission and Rural Agricultural Development Authority, and encourage our applicants to reach out to their local representatives when applying
  • Administrative costs cannot exceed more than 10% of the requested grant amount
  • We don't typically award individual grants or scholarships

Read our full guidelines here.

Our Build Jamaica grant is the larger of our two programmes. We're seeking to make real investments in real communities through grants of up to J$2 million for development projects. Our focus areas for these investments include projects in the areas of:

  • Improvements at educational institutions
  • ICT upgrades to community centres
  • Development of agriculture through farming groups
  • Promotion of Entrepreneurship for Sustainability
  • Upskilling and training at-risk youths for job-readiness
  • Other community-based activities

You can apply for a Build Jamaica grant between July 1, 2021 and August 2, 2021. To download the application form, click here.

Our micro-grant programme is dubbed the 'Mek A Muckle'. These grants offer $500,000 - $650,000 in funding for small projects. For the 2021-2022 grant period, we have two kinds of Mek A Muckle grants:

20 for 20

Our 20 for 20 grant was launched on April 19 in celebration of Digicel Jamaica's 20th anniversary and is valued at $650,000. You can apply through your nearest Dealer Store between April 19, 2021 and July 30, 2021. We're looking for 20 small projects across the island. Our focus areas for this grant are:

  • Educational institutions
  • Special Needs organisations
  • Community-based groups
  • Not-for-profits

To apply for a 20 for 20 grant under our Mek A Muckle programme, please visit here.


Plant Yuh Plate

We launched an agricultural grant for small projects in 2020 to combat the rising food shortages caused by COVID-19 and made worse by torrential rains during the hurricane season. This grant encourages all Jamaicans to 'Plant Yuh Plate..Nuh Hesitate'. Persons can apply to:

  • Launch a backyard gardening intiative in their community
  • Start a containerised farm at their school or community centre
  • Aquire additional equipment to improve a farming group
  • Start or improve a 4H club at their local school
  • and other community-based initiatives

Applications are awarded year-round, while funding is available. You can apply for a Plant Yuh Plate grant when you download the application form here.

Funding Guidelines