Funding Guidelines

You may apply for funding for community-based projects here. You may also download the form and send your application to:

Digicel Foundation

Kennedy Road, Gordons

PO Box 1618

Port Moresby, NCD

Papua New Guinea


Please review the funding guidelines fully before submitting your application.

In order for your organisation to be considered for a project, all sections of your application must be fully completed. Incomplete forms will not be reviewed.

Our Purpose

Good Corporate citizenship is a critical element of Digicel's Company Charter.

Within this vein, the Digicel PNG Foundation was established in September 2008 with the primary objective of supporting and improving the communities in which our employees live and work; and where we do business. In the main, we strive to ensure that communities are healthy, primarily through the support of Community based driven activities. Ideally, these activities should embrace social, cultural and particularly educational objectives.

Digicel has taken steps towards building a legacy of commitment to improving the quality of life in Digicel communities and is positioning itself as an influential source of positive community change and enhancement. It is projected that out of these steps will emerge, strengths and competencies that reflect community aspirations, while being consistent with Digicel values.

Our Work


Employee involvement is potentially one of the most vibrant forms of corporate outreach. With more than 400 employees, Digicel has tremendous promise for assisting communities through employees’ time, money, expertise and leadership.

It is our belief that educational and attitudinal reform cannot be accomplished through isolated pockets and ‘satellite’ approaches, but must involve whole communities which are committed to development and growth. This involves the changing of cultures of community members, leaders and employees alike.

We are particularly interested in Community programs which:

  • Embrace and reflect the educational, social and cultural aspirations of the community
  • Address community needs
  • Encourage volunteerism and civic engagement
  • Promote leadership with integrity
  • Promote opportunities for marginalized groups
  • Have tangible products (e.g. school buildings) as critical objectives of the programme.

Notwithstanding the holistic approach of the Foundation, there will be a special focus on two critical areas; Education and Sustainability:

The focus on education arises from a fundamental concern with strengthening formal schooling while concurrently supporting innovative educational strategies and reforms that address the needs of students at all levels, with special emphasis on early childhood and primary education.

It has been soundly advanced that weaknesses in employee performance at the workplace can often be traced back to fundamental gaps and flaws in the formative years of education.

By virtue of being involved in the information industry, Digicel recognizes that in order to succeed in this field, the company requires knowledgeable employees who can readily adapt to a constantly shifting work environment and more sophisticated consumers whose growing demand for products and services challenges us to do our innovative best. A foundation devoted to improving education can add substantial value to a company that is dependent on effective education systems to produce both workers and future customers.

Sustainability of the project is of the utmost importance since the Foundation seeks to assist communities towards self sufficiency within a specified period, as opposed to the extension of continued assistance. This will therefore require structured effort and audit systems to ensure that those charged with the responsibility of delivering tangible returns are held accountable. Whereas the creation of jobs is not a prerequisite for Foundation approval and support, it would prove to be a major asset to the project and community at large.

Basic Eligibility Criteria

  1. Projects or organizations must serve the majority of people in the respective communities.
  2. The organization must not be for profit. Documentation may be requested in order to verify this
  3. Organizations must have and display the leadership, management, experiences, expertise and capacity to effectively carry out the proposed activities.
  4. Proposals must support areas of Digicel focus, namely social, cultural and/or education through community action.
  5. Proposal requests must contain all required information and documents.

Funding Limitations

In order to engender community ownership and participation, the Foundation may place pre‐determined limits, as a percentage of total costs, on funding to specific kinds of projects. That is, specific projects may be assisted with varying levels of assistance, relative to what must be invested by the community. This investment may take the form of finance, capital or “sweat equity” in the form of labour.

In general, Digicel Foundation does not provide funding for the following:

  • Individuals
  • Organizations and programs designed to influence legislation or elected officials to public offices
  • Sectarian or religious organizations whose services are limited to members of one religious group.
  • Endowment funds, development campaigns, or funds directed towards deficit reduction or operating reserves
  • Fundraising events or sponsorships (walk/runs, golf tournaments, sports teams, tickets, tables, benefits, raffles, souvenir programmes, advertising, fundraising dinners etc.)
  • Trips, conferences, seminars, festivals, one day events (unless they are a part of an approved program activity)
  • Documentaries, videos or research projects/programs
  • Private Foundations
  • Trust Funds
  • Organizations that channel the funds received to third parties

How to Apply for a Grant


Before you begin:

  1. Ensure your organization and proposal meet the general eligibility criteria and that the proposal is in line with the focus of the Foundation. These may be reviewed on the Foundation web site.
  2. Complete a Project Budget
  3. Provide 2 Cost Estimates of the project including names of the suppliers
  4. You must submit a current record of financial status and/or bank records
  5. Ideally have access to a valid e‐mail address.
  6. Have access to, and submit a valid telephone number.
  7. Complete all sections on the Application for Funding a Community Based Project. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Once you have satisfied the foregoing, submit the proposal on‐line or in hard copy to the Digicel Office at Kennedy Road, Gordons, P.O. Box 1618, Port Moresby. The latter should contain two (2) self addressed envelops with stamps.

Submissions in hard copy and all supporting documents should have signatures of two officers of the applying organisation. Along with

  • Project Budget
  • Two (2) Professional Cost Estimates of Project
  • Quotations for equipment & furniture (if applicable)
  • Photographs of the project site.
  • Legal Document showing ownership of Land (if applicable)
  • The last three months bank records/statements.
  • A letter granting permission for the approved Drawings (if applicable).

    • Ministry of Education‐Building Office (Schools)  
    • Parish Council (other buildings)

After you have completed and submitted the online application, you will receive an e‐mail notifying you that the proposal request has been received. Hard Copies with requisite signatures should be sent in support of on‐line applications. If submitted in hard copy, allow 14 days for response by post or courier.

The programme review may take up to three (3) months to complete. Your organisation will be contacted via e‐mail, telephone or post if additional information or follow up is required. A final decision will generally be made within six (6) months and the submitting organisation will be contacted with the final decision.

Should you receive a grant, it is mandatory that accurate records of all expenses and disbursement of funds be kept and submitted as required. For this purpose, you will be required to open a bank account in the name of the Community Project and submit the information to the Foundation. This will be used solely for the approved project and no other funds should be placed in same account. Should there be any irregularities or disbursed funds are improperly used, the Foundation retains the right to cease all current and future disbursements.

Proper accounting will be central to completing the Final Report for Grants form and will be a permanent record of what has been achieved and learned in the process. The information provided will be used by Digicel Foundation to shape future grant making.

Based on the specifics of each project, Foundation assistance may be done in lump sums or in traunches.

For purposes of recognition, Digicel retains in their sole discretion, the option to clearly brand any tangible assistance with the Digicel Foundation's logo or applicable trademark.


The Digicel Foundation will recognize and encourage the volunteer efforts of individual Digicel employees in their communities through the provision of funds/grants to community activities or through the matching of employee funds given to said programme. The Foundation encourages teams of ten employees to spend a minimum of two hundred (200) cumulative hours on a community service oriented project for a local non‐profit organization. In recognition of their efforts, the Foundation will consider making a grant to the non‐profit organisation in accordance to the funding criteria stated above.

Similarly, once an employee volunteers and carries out at least forty (40) hours at a charitable institution, a grant will be considered for that organisation in accordance to the funding criteria as stated above. An employee may submit one such application per calendar year.

The foundation also strives to lead the way in developing a kind of philanthropy that not only connects with the overall corporate mission but also engages the interests and collaboration of employees, which in turn earns recognition in the community for the company.

Funding Guidelines